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LiFi, WiFi At The Speed Of Light

Science Alert!

Like most of us you must have had times when it would be nice to have faster broadband.
Well the latest news is that much faster broadband is just around the corner! Or maybe that should be above our heads!

Led Lights

The new technology is called LiFi and is currently being trialled in offices by an Estonian company called Velmenni. LiFi is capable of sending data at speeds of up to 1GBps, around 100 times faster than most current WiFi connections.
At this speed hi-def films, albums and even video games could be downloaded in seconds!

The data is sent between networks by LED lights. The technology uses Visible Light Communication (VLC). It works basically like an incredibly advanced form of Morse code – just like switching a torch on and off according to a certain pattern can relay a secret message, flicking an LED on and off at extreme speeds can be used to write and transmit things in binary code.

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