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Ultion Locks £1000 Guarantee

Ultion Locks – The Ultimate Lock

Ultion Lock Cylinders

Have you got Euro Cylinder Locks on your doors? Eurospec Standard Euro Cylinder

Did you know that 74% of intruders enter through the door?

43% get through the door by forcing the lock. This can be by drilling the lock, lock bumping, lock snapping or lock picking.

See how the Ultion Sold Secure Diamond Euro Cylinder can help keep your property safe.

Ultion Sold Secure Diamond Euro Cylinder LocksUltion Euro Cylinder Locks
We have the Ultion locks in stock.

See the range on our website.

If an intruder breaks into your home by snapping an Ultion cylinder
Ultion Locks £1000 Guaranteethey will pay you £1000. Register your Ultion lock for free.

Smashing Sledge Hammers

Roughneck Tools

We now have in stock the new range of
Roughneck Gorilla Sledge Hammers.

Roughneck Gorilla Sledge Hammer

Roughneck Gorilla Sledge Hammers are precision forged from high carbon steel. Each sledge hammer features a dome-shaped striking point for exerting concentrated force. They also have a larger than normal striking face with chamfered edge for general use. Both of these striking faces are induction heat-treated for hardness.

The hammers also feature a side striking face which is not hardened and is designed for striking wooden posts. A shock absorbing TPE grip handle is designed for maximum comfort.

There are 6 sizes available – 1.4kg (3lb), 1.8kg (4lb), 2.7kg (6lb), 3.6kg (8lb), 4.5kg (10lb) and 5.5kg (12lb)

You can see them all on our website