Primera Primary Barricade Override Locks Explained.

Primera Life anti-ligature hardware available from Cookson Hardware in Stockport or online

Primera specialise solely in the design and manufacture of anti-ligature door and window hardware for use in applications where there is risk of self-harm.
Their mission is to ensure that each and every one of their products is fit for purpose, extremely robust and provides clinical staff with all the necessary safety features to address Primera Anti Ligature Bedroom Lock from Cookson Hardware.the challenges that can occur on the ward during the course of their working day.

Security – Safety – Door Hardware

Security and safety for staff and residents can be enhanced with the use of appropriate door hardware. The Primera range includes locksets with a choice of override and anti-barricade functionality. These are available in a number of formats to suit a room’s function, bedroom, en-suite or communal rooms for example. Our anti-ligature handles include a number of grip options to suit both the application and the level of user dexterity. All handles are offered Primera Doorwith a smart, satin stainless-steel finish, or in other electroplated, powder-coated or anti-bacterial finishes.

Watch the short video to see Primera Primary Barricade Override Explained.

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