Wow What A Price!

Trend router cutters from Cookson Hardware

The Trend CRB Combination Router Base Now Only £59.95 ex vat for one week only!

The Trend Combination Router Base is a retro fit, quick change, multi-functional router base designed to:

  • Increase the overall versatility of the router.
  • Improve the quality of finish of every routing pass.
  • Reduce the possibility of error.
  • Increase stability during routing.
  • Increase the level of precision achieved.
  • Save set up time between tasks.
  • Save space on storing hand made jigs.

Trend has the right tools to allow you to do a professional job.

The CRB router base has 7 functions, an offset baseplate, router compass, adjustable trenching with a clamp guide with 40mm micro adjustment, adjustable anti-tilt support, adjustable mortising of timber, adjustable false panel groove copier and also enhances the Varijig frame system as an anti-tilt device. 
The CRB will fit most routers with two 8mm, 10mm and 12mm fence rod holes at centres of 78mm to 130mm.

You can also view the Trend CRB Router Base on our website by clicking on the link below.

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