Introducing The Trend Easy Scribe

Trend router cutters from Cookson Hardware

Hello again and welcome to our latest Trend Woodworking How To video “How to use the Trend Easy Scribe”. We do hope that you find these short videos useful. 

Trend E/SCRIBE Easy Scribe.

The Easy Scribe hand held scribing tool is a relatively new product
introduced late 2013 and has been a real success. It can be used for a multitude of applications including hanging doors, installing worktops, plinths & skirting, architraves, flooring, window boards, panelling, shop fitting and tiling. An articulated arm allows the required offset to be precisely set from 1mm to 40mm giving full flexibility. It can also be used as a marking gauge with thumb wheel fine adjustment. The Easy Scribe marks a narrow 0.7mm pencil line ensuring accuracy.

Trend Easy Scribe spare pack of graphite sticks.Spare packs of ten graphite sticks are available seperately.


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