Heartbleed Security Risk

Are your  passwords safe?

This week we have all been made aware through the media of the Heartbleed threat to our internet security. We have been contacted today by Thawte, who we use for our website secure payment details, and we are happy to pass on a statement made by Thawte in their email.

The vulnerable software is OpenSSL – an open source piece of software which isn’t used in our configuration. To be clear, this is a vulnerability of the OpenSSL library, and not a flaw with SSL/TLS nor certificates issued by Thawte. At no time were Thawte’s SSL or Code-Signing roots and intermediates at risk, nor was there ever an issue with Thawte certificates. 

For more detailed information please click the link to our website http://www.cooksonhardware.com/content.php/page/Thawte%20Heartbleed

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